Griffin's ESPN The Great Defender

ESPN is basically a linebred Cherub / Scandifio Cane Corso male.  He is a grandson to Champion Scandifio’s Bracco DaVinci and a great grandson to Champion Scandifio’s Leo.  ESPN’s bloodlines are “olde school” lines that consist of Champion Cherub’s Julian, Champion Scandifio’s Nino II, Champion Sentinel Erzo and Champion Scandifio’s Kado all in the first four generations of his pedigree.

ESPN is currently our largest Cane Corso.  His size is impressive, he is truly a gentle giant.  He is very obedient and great with our family but a serious guardian to non family members when not properly introduced as he should be in our opinion.

NameGriffin's ESPN The Great Defender
RegistrationAKC, ICCF & UCA
FatherMountain State's Bear
MotherDa Vinci's Roxy
ColorDark Brindle
Land of OriginUSA
BreederP. Griffin
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